Download Paint.NET Free for Windows

Download Paint.NET Free for Windows – For all of those Windows users, Microsoft Paint is the one and only image and photo editing software there is. It’s like the fate you can’t refuse because whether you want it or not it will always come as a package inside. However, using Ms. Paint to edit images and photos is not enough as it only comes with limited features. The users need to install Adobe or Paint Shop Pro which, of course, requires more effort since the software is not free. The only solution is to choose Paint. NET.

Download Paint.NET

About Paint.NET Latest Version

Paint.NET was developed by an undergraduate college senior designer mentored by Microsoft. It started as a replacement for Microsoft Paint because it offers updated features. So, this one is suitable for those who are looking for better software than Ms. Paint but reluctant to install Adobe or Paint Shop Pro.

Download Paint.NET with Features

Basically, there’s no big difference between the original Ms. Paint and Paint.NET, but there are several updates that give you the upper hand when using Paint. NET.

1. Intuitive and Innovative User Interface

Even though it looks similar to the original Ms. Paint version on Windows, Paint.NET comes along with an intuitive and innovative user interface that makes it look minimalist. It also comes with support for layers that give you more options in editing photos and images.

2. Unlimited Undo

Sometimes we make mistakes during the editing process and it’s natural. Different than other software, Paint.NET gives you unlimited Undo so you don’t need to be afraid to make a mistake. You can always go back to the original file even though you already put a lot of effects.

3. Special Effects in Paint.NET

When Ms. Paint seems rigid and limited, Download Paint.NET gives you a lot of special effects. Now you have a lot of options to create something unusual seamlessly.

4. Online Community Support, Tutorials, and Plugins

Even though it is one of the old products, its growing online community has made Paint.NET one of the most easy-to-use image editing software. There are a lot of tutorials for beginners the experts that will help you. Plus, it has plugins that will make everything simple. It is like you have a complete package to guide you in exploring the imagination.

5. Evolving Features – Paint.NET

When you already jumped on the forum, you will understand why Paint.NET grew faster than any other software in its field. The developer uses user feedback as a way to create a new feature based on the needs of end users. Now you have software that keeps growing so you don’t need to install other software.

Download Paint.NET Free for Windows

Why You Should Choose Paint.NET

We all know that when it comes to image editing tools, some developers offer a pricey rate for consumers. That’s why Download Paint.NET offers a cost-effective alternative to users that don’t want to use PhotoshopAdobe Creative Cloud, or GIMP because it is too much.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Paint.NET Free For Windows – Download