10 Best Android TV Apps for Ultimate Entertainment

Best Android TV Apps for Ultimate Entertainment – Android TV offers an easy way to enjoy entertainment from your favorite apps. Pretty much like the Android smartphones you commonly use, this smart TV runs an Android-based operating system and it is compatible with most Android applications. But what are the best Android TV apps available on the market?

There are a ton of apps to make the most of your Android TV. From video players to movie streaming apps and from music players to browsers, you can always find a good app to level up your experience with Android TV even if there’s an application with the ability to wake your computer.

Did you just buy an Android TV and have no idea about what apps to download? There’s nothing to worry about. Here we have a good reference that will help make your Android TV a source of joy and entertainment. Take a closer look at the following list and pick your favorite app.

Best Android TV Apps 2022


1. Netflix – Best Android TV Apps

Netflix Android TV Apps

Netflix is a great app that will give you access to popular and trending TV shows or movies from all over the globe. With just a few simple steps, you can easily enjoy the box office movies, documentaries, stand-ups, and TV shows, you mention.

Netflix boasts billions of downloads on Google Play alone and it currently has millions of active users from around the world. Thanks to decent entertainment and convenient features it offers, such as simple search by titles, intelligent recommendation, and no ad experience.

On top of that, this browsing app allows you to save your data in offline mode. Simply download the title to your device and watch it anytime, even without an internet connection. It also supports preview and notification features that won’t let you miss any episodes.

You will also love multiple account support coming with this app. Feel free to give different members their personalized Netflix for the best movie-watching experience even if it works for your kids. If you are looking for safe entertainment for the kids, Netflix could be the best app to mention.

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2. YouTube – Android TV apps

YouTube Best Android TV apps

YouTube is unarguably one of the most used video streaming apps with billions of users. Using this app, it’s a piece of cake to figure out what’s trending, from the hottest MV to popular trends in fashion, news, gaming, and many more.

Among the best Android TV apps available out there, YouTube could be one of your favorites. It has much to offer, such as the quick search for videos of all time, user-generated contents which are constantly updated, and useful tool to improve your experience like Save for Later, Like, and Library.

There are many other things you can do with YouTube. For instance, it allows you to connect with the YouTube community and stay updated with your favorite creators. You can also join the conversation, leave comments, hit like, and even interact with creators.

What’s more, it provides you with a Subscription feature so that you don’t want to miss the latest video from creators. Overall, YouTube is a worthy application to download on your device. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface, using this app on your Android TV won’t be a struggle.

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3. Spotify

Spotify App

How about playing some tunes on your Android TV? Spotify could be your best friend for jamming out. With billions of downloads on Google Play, this decent app has everything you need to discover music, playlists, albums, and podcasts all in one place. 

With Spotify, you can search for your favorite artists and create your own playlists. It is also possible to explore trending songs from various genres, years, and places. Finding songs that suit your mood and activity is made simple with this app, thanks to new music constantly updated.

And if you prefer podcasts, this streaming app lets you discover new podcasts for free from your favorite creators. Or if you are confident enough, create your own podcasts and garner followers from different places. With Spotify, you can do everything you want.

Don’t worry about your data. This music streaming app offers a download feature that allows you to download albums, playlists, and podcasts of your favorite. Once downloaded, feel free to play them without an internet connection.

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4. Kodi – Best Android TV apps for free

Kodi apps for free

When you are looking for the best Android TV apps for free, Kodi should be at the top of your list. The award-winning media player designed for Home Theater PC (HTPC) comes with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone.

Using this app, you can easily control video content and local music via a USB drive. It is also possible to choose from a wide selection of channels for music, videos, and many more. But it is worth noting that Kodi doesn’t provide any content, which means you need to get your own from local or remote storage.

Overall, Kodi is an excellent app to manage your stuff that conventional TVs can’t. If you need to play music or video from a USB drive, this software helps achieve your goal. What’s best, Kodi is completely free and it is an open-source platform, which means you have more options for customization.

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5. Google TV

Best App Google TV

Previously known as Play Movies & TV, Google TV lets you find and enjoy entertainment in one place. Using this app, you can browse more than 700,000 movies and TV shows from various genres. You can also discover new things that are recommended based on your preferences.

Furthermore, Google TV comes packed with Shop feature that allows you to buy or rent the latest movies or TV shows. Any purchased content will be stored in your Library for easier search in the future even if you can download them for offline watching.

You will also love the Watchlist feature with which you can add favorite movies and TV shows to keep track of your new discoveries. Whenever you want to watch them, simply go to Watchlist and find any content you have listed.

One of the best things about Google TV is that you can use your smartphone as a remote. Even when the remote has been lost, you can find still something amazing to watch. Thanks to a built-in remote this app has.

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6. Plex – Streaming TV and Movies

Plex streaming TV and movies

Plex is one of the best Android apps for streaming TV and movies on Android TV. Supporting more than 200 live TV channels without a subscription, it has everything you need to enjoy ultimate entertainment from home. Whether you want to watch your favorite series of all time or the hottest movies, Plex has got you covered.

Despite its free streaming service, Plex lets you enjoy hundreds of full-length movies from various genres, such as anime, action, horror, comedy, and children’s movies for free. Besides, it keeps you updated with 24 free news channels like Reuters, USA Today, and more.

What’s more to find in Plex? If you are fond of jamming out, this app provides free music and video streaming. It lets you organize files and automatically sort them intuitively in the library. Not to mention you can organize personal content and search podcasts from your favorite creator. 

Overall, Plex is a decent Android TV app to enjoy home entertainment to the fullest. For an uninterrupted experience, just be sure your internet connection is fast.

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7. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

Here’s VLC for Android, a free and open-source multimedia player that works across platforms. It supports most multimedia files, discs, network streaming protocols, and storage devices. Whether you want to view some videos or listen to good music, this app has got you covered.

When it comes to features, VLC highlights multiple format support like MP4, MKV, OGG, FLAC, AVI, and many more. It also has a useful media library that allows you to easily browse folders, including audio and video files.

Being one of the best Android TV apps, VLC for Android supports multi-track audio and subtitles. For a better experience, this tool supports aspect-ratio adjustment, auto-rotation, and gestures to control volume and brightness. Not to mention it comes packed with a widget for quick audio control.

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8. MX Player

MX Player - Best Android TV apps

MX Player is a powerful video player with subtitle support and hardware acceleration. Using this app, you can share files, apps, and music with a single click. Thanks, MX File Transfer feature that makes everything easy as pie.

There are more other features to find in MX Player, such as multi-core decoding that promises better performance by up to 70 percent. For your convenience, it also lets you control the screen with a pinch to zoom and pan. 

What’s more, subtitle gesture is another feature you’ll love from MX Player. It allows you to move subtitles up and down simply by scrolling backward and forward. And if you’re concerned about the kids, it has kids lock feature that helps you prevent the kids from making calls or touching other apps while watching.

MX Player is available for free on Google Play. Pretty much like other free apps, it contains ads that may interrupt your movie-watching or music-playing experience.

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9. VLC Hulu Flix

VLC Hulu Flix - Best Android TV apps

Hulu is one of the best Android TV apps that will set a new level for entertainment. Designed with an intuitive interface, it offers a great way to manage movies and TV episodes from Android-based devices. With the ability to quickly view the details, you exactly know what you are watching.

Hulu has much to offer, such as free access to main features without restrictions. With an efficient and simple design, you won’t spend much time learning how to use it. Best of all, it has the ability to discover popular episodes and movies right from the app.

When you want to watch live TV or on-demand content in one place then Hulu must be on the top of your list. While the free version may contain ads, you may want to upgrade to the full package for an ad-free experience. With everything it has, Hulu has now become one of the best apps for Android TV.

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10. Wake on Lan

Wake on Lan Best Android TV

Wake on Lan is a unique app that lets you wake your computer right from your Android TV. With this app installed on your device, waking up your computer is only a click away. Just make sure the computer and network support have been set for this function.

There’s a long list of features to find on Wake on Lan. In addition to the one-touch wakeup widget, it has a network search that allows you to find devices on the network. It also supports intent broadcast support as well as a tasker plugin and CSV import/export that lets you share a list of devices.

Do these features don’t make sense to you? Well, Wake on Lan is a bit more sophisticated than any other app. The ability to wake up the computer and NAS storage provides you extra convenience. Whenever you want some entertainment, you don’t necessarily need to turn on devices in different locations.

Instead, you can easily turn them on in one location. It simply helps you with the task so that you don’t need any extra work. However, this application isn’t designed to put devices back to sleep. Your computer can be set to automate it.

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In a nutshell, Android TV can be a decent source of entertainment in your home. Make the most of it by downloading the best Android TV apps that come with a wide range of functionalities, such as playing multimedia, streaming movies, and even waking the computer with just a single click from Android TV.