10 Best App to Learn English for Android and iOS

Best App to Learn English for Android and iOS – Learning English as a foreign language can be a real struggle. Without consistency and regular practices, you might end up getting nowhere and losing everything you have learned. If you need a little help, downloading the best app to learn English can make a huge change.

There are so many applications dedicated to learners who want to improve their proficiency in the English language. Some come with more features than others, so you might want to set specific criteria before choosing one. For instance, you may want a free app or a tool that supports offline mode.

With tons of choices on the market, finding the best and most reliable English learning apps can be time-consuming and overwhelming. If you cannot make it to scour through pages by yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We have made a list of trusted apps to help you with English learning. Read on.

10 Best Apps to Learn and Speak English

1. Duolingo – Best Apps to Learn English

Duolingo Best App to Learn English

Duolingo becomes one of the most downloaded apps to learn languages, including English. Designed by the experts to be fun, easy to use, and understandable, it provides bite-sized lessons that allow you to practice basic skills quickly.

Duolingo understands that people learn English for various purposes, such as school, career, travel, and many more. No matter your final goal, this application is designed to help you achieve it. Thanks to interactive lessons, attractive interface, and motivation that keeps you on track.

When it comes to features, Duolingo has much to offer. Besides game-like lessons as the main star, it delivers science-based methodology which has been proven to foster long-term retention. With regular practices, you can retain more vocabulary than expected.

Duolingo’s progress tracker comes in handy to help you track your progress. Keep up the good work to meet your goals while making practices a daily habit. On top of all, this best app to learn English is completely free to download.

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2. Memrise

Memrise is an Editor’s Choice

Memrise is an Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store and it also become one of the language learning apps with millions of active users across the globe. It helps you through real-life phrases, short lessons, and an interactive interface to make English learning much easier than you thought.

If you are looking for the best app to learn English for free then Memrise should be on the top of your list. All you have to do is download the app on your Android or iOS device and enjoy the game-like lessons.

Here you will find more than 50,000 audio and video clips to help you get used to the English language as spoken by the locals. You will also get introduced to a variety of tones, sounds, gestures, and rhythms commonly found in real-life situations.

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3. Busuu

Busuu app to learn English

More than 120 million people trust Busuu to learn the language and now it’s your turn. Learning English basics made simple with this app, thanks to handcrafted online courses designed for learners of any level.

With Busuu, you can learn English 4 times faster than studying in college. Whether you are learning for business, travel, or education, it helps you improve basic skills from listening to writing and from grammar to vocabulary.

What’s fun about Busuu is that you can connect with native speakers. Share your thought and hone your communication skills through practice. As a bonus, you can make new friends and get connected to a vast community.

Only with few minutes per day, this best app to learn English allows you to complete courses and master a new language. At the end of the course, you can expect to speak and communicate like the locals.

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4. ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak English Learning

ELSA is a brilliant app that will help you speak English fluently. Focusing on improving speaking skills, the award-winning app is powered by speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence so you will feel like having a virtual tutor in your pocket.

With ELSA you can study English for a variety of purposes, such as TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC exams or ESL classes. It also assists you to learn basic English conversation just in case you plan to travel or start a career in English-speaking countries in the near future.

ELSA helps improve your speaking skills in various ways. Not only does it provide bite-sized lessons with an AI speech coach, but it also covers more than 1,600 lessons containing 40 different topics. Not to mention it helps you recognize all English sounds to get used to it.

What’s more, this versatile app comes packed with English dictionaries to find difficult words and practice pronouncing them. You can also compare yourself with native speakers in terms of how each word is spoken.

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5. Cake – Best Apps to Learn English

Cake App Learn English

Here’s Cake, the best app to learn English and hone your basic skills from your smartphone. With new phrases, audio, and video updated daily, you can expect fun and attractive learning to master English quickly and efficiently.

This particular app allows you to learn English expressions commonly used in real-life situations. It also helps you practice your speaking skills and ensure long-term retention with quizzes. Regular practices and repetition make memorizing so much simpler.

With just 10 minutes a day, it offers an easy way to learn English. This app is designed to make you feel motivated each time you accomplish a task. All you have to do is choose a topic and learn step-by-step with your virtual tutor.

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6. ABA English

ABA English to learn English

ABA English is a guided course designed based on practice exercises and interaction to improve your English skills efficiently. Whether you want to improve vocabulary or speak fluently, this is a great app to meet your final purpose.

Before starting a learning experience, you will need to verify your level from A1 to C1. Hence, they can provide you with the right courses that are suitable for your skill level. It has thousands of exercises with answers, making it possible to learn from your mistakes.

ABA English has a short film in each unit. These films include everyday scenes and conversations with subtitles, allowing you to practice listening and pronunciation.

If you wish to learn with teachers, this application has online video classes which can be accessed with an internet connection. You will be able to learn grammar explained by certified teachers so that you can understand the material easily.

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7. Beelingualapp

Beelingualapp best app to learn English for free

With more than a million downloads on Google Play Store alone, Beelingualapp is the best app to learn English from your Android- and iOS-based device. This application uses a parallel-text method with which you can read stories in 2 languages to improve your skills.

Language learning is made simple with stories in your first language and target language. This is an effective way to enhance your vocabulary whenever you find difficult words or phrases, simply read stories in your language and learn something new.

Furthermore, Beelingualapp features an audiobook reader that allows you to listen to audiobooks in a preferred language. This app works in the background so it remains playing even if the phone is in sleep mode.

Not only can you learn English, but Beelingualapp also comes in handy to learn many other languages like Spanish, German, Korean, and Chinese. Start learning different languages and prepare yourself to be a global citizen.

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8. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English

Officially launched by BBC Media, this learning app provides you with useful, well-arranged lessons delivered by attractive presenters. Each lesson comes in a simple and easy-to-use package that offers the best way to upgrade your English.

To promote learning convenience, the BBC app is packed with audio programs which can be downloaded and listened to to hone your listening skills. You can watch and listen once again using subtitles or transcription and see how much you got it.

This best app to learn English is loaded with other features, such as new lessons which are updated daily, notification, and well-organized programs. When it comes to the popular programs, you have so many choices to opt for, such as 5-Minute English and pronunciation workshops.

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9. Learn English Grammar

Learn English Grammar by British Council

Are you into British English? Learning English Grammar by British Council could be the best app for you. It offers free grammar practices with more than 1,000 questions to reinforce your grammar skills. No matter what level you are at, this app is ideal for learners of any level.

Here you can work through questions in the Practice section and challenge your brain in the test section. Only with 5 to 10 minutes a day, you can improve language accuracy and grammar knowledge. Choose grammar topics of your preference, such as tenses, prepositions, and conditionals.

Learn English Grammar is available in different languages like Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese. This app requires an internet connection so if you are looking for the best app to learn English offline then it might not be a good option.

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10. LingoKids – Apps to Learn English

LingoKids app to learn English offline

LingoKids is one of the best English learning apps for kids. It helps your kids practice more than 3,000 new words in 60 different topics, from ABC to audiobooks and songs. It also contains attractive games to improve basic skills, such as creativity, collaboration, and communication.

This versatile app is completely safe for kids because it doesn’t have ads. That means you can let them play by themselves without your supervision.

What’s more, LingoKids has Progress Reports that allow you to keep track of kids’ progress. See the units and topics and keep yourself updated with their learning activity.

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Improving your basic English skills is made easy with the right app. Now that you know the best app to learn English, you can pick one that meets your preferences. Whether you want to learn English for business or travel, you can find the right app to try out.