Download 1stBrowser Latest Version for Windows

Download 1stBrowser Latest Version for Windows – Are you looking for a browser that is offering additional extras to make your online interaction better? Download 1stBrowser right now! 1stBrowser is now still widely used since it has an open-source code like Google Chrome.

Download 1stBrowser

Most of the users of this software say that it is part easy to use and operate this software. It has also great media and download manager as well as antivirus to protect their browsing when future updates are coming. Categorized as a web browser, 1stBrowser is definitely free to download.

It is designed to be adaptable and compatible both with computers and phones. Thus, you can not only download this web browser for your computer dealing with your working in the office but also for your phones in order to support you browse the internet easily.

Now let’s find out what features you can optimize if you Download 1stBrowser.

Optimize 5 Functional Features if You Download 1stBrowser

1. Easy to Download

The first good news of downloading this web browser is that it is very easy to download. No matter you are an advanced user or a beginner, you can easily download it from another browser such as Firefox. Thus, you don’t have to feel worried if you want to Download 1stBrowser. All you need to do is just opening the widely used browser and search the keyword dealing with 1stBrowser. Tap “Download” and go ahead.

2. Homepage Editing with 1stBrowser

The second feature you can definitely optimize from downloading this web browser is the ability to edit the homepage. This is also other good news since you will be able to edit your homepage as you like based on your personal choice. Thus, you can have an interesting look at the web browser on your Windows.

3. Visual Customization Option in 1stBrowser

Another reason why you must think about downloading 1stBrowser is the visual customization options provided by this software. Along with these options, you will be able to change the background images, a desktop icon as well as colors. The change you make will actually make up the whole visual experience processed when you are using a browser.

4. Functional Media Downloader – 1stBrowser

The next feature which is very crucial to know is the fact that this web browser has actually a functional media downloader. This feature will enable the software used to download any types of media files which are found on the internet. In this case, you and other users of this software will also be permitted to include filters in the media you are downloading.

5. Chromium Usage

1stBrowser is noted to have been created using chromium, an open-source code that is used to develop the famous browser in the world that is Google Chrome. In this case, you may sync this web browser with Google Chrome so that the bookmarks and browsing history can be shared.

Download 1stBrowser Latest Version for Windows


In conclusion, it is much recommended to Download 1stBrowser as your web browser. Due to its functional features, we have shared above, it is clear that this web browser is quite considerable. What are you waiting for now?

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download 1stBrowser Latest Version Free for Windows – Download