Download VLC Player Free For Windows

Download VLC Player Free For Windows – You are certainly familiar with the VLC player because you might play video and audio using VLC. So far, we only know VLC only as a media player, without us knowing the other advantages that VLC has. Here are 4 advantages of VLC that you may not know.

Download VLC Player

The Advantages of Using VLC Player

1. Fixing Audio / Video / Subtitle Synchronization Problems

When there is an inconsistency between video and audio, of course, it will be very annoying and annoying to you. This problem can be caused by the result of bad software encoding or the error of the person who carried out the coding. With VLC, you can solve the problem by adjusting the audio delay and subtitles that let you adjust what is needed. By the way, open Tools, click Track Synchronization then open the Synchronization tab. Adjust according to your needs.

2. Control Playback Through The Web – VLC Player

You can play VLC through a browser using the web interface. You control VLC from anywhere via the network interface for Telnet or the Web. The trick is to open View -> Add Interface -> Web Interface. VLC playback can be accessed via port 8080. You can still adjust the volume, playback, start, stop, pause, and others despite using the web interface.

Download VLC Player Free For Windows

3. Watermarks or Overlays

For certain purposes, sometimes we need to put a watermark on our video. However, we don’t need to bother to use video editors anymore, just use VLC Player. How to do this is to open the Tools menu, click Effects and Filters, see the Video Effects tab, and then in the Overlay tab. Cross make watermarks on your video.

4. Mouse Gestures

You can activate the mouse gesture feature which is generally seen as a better way to interact with a computer than using a button. Mouse gesture allows you to use various click and drag gestures to tell the application what to do. The way to activate it is to open View -> Add Interface -> Mouse Gestures. After that, you need to restart your laptop.

5. Support Many Formats with VLC Player

If you do not have VLC or VideoLAN Player, immediately install it on your computer, then you will get an opportunity that has never been found on other media players. VLC Media Player has many users, with its advantages as a media player that supports almost all video formats, including audio. Like the QuickTime Player video player, this media player program works stably, can be used on a variety of platforms, and provides attractive features. When used as a default media player, you will rarely see a time when VLC Player does not support a video format.

6. It Has Many Features

In addition, VLC can also play DVD movies. You will find easy controls and effects in VLC, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, equalizer, blur, motion blur, color removal, and many others. One interesting feature is the ability of the VLC Media Player to maximize the volume of 200% greater than the normal volume. This feature is rarely found in other Media Players as in GOM Player which can maximize the volume up to 150%.

This is why we recommend you install VLC Player.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download VLC Player Free For Windows 64 bit – Download

Download VLC Player Free For Windows 32 bit – Download

Support For Mac OS X:

Download VLC Player Free For Mac OS – Download