How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook for Desktop & Android

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook – Since released back in 2004, Facebook is characterized by its blue and white interface. Recently, this social network service introduced its new dark mode to give a more engaging experience to the users. The new model enables the users to enjoy a dark layout that looks more stylish than its previous white and bright interface. How to enable dark mode on Facebook?

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook for Desktop & Android

Facebook is preparing to roll out the dark mode feature to all users worldwide. But it seems like Facebook needs more time to make sure the design works well and is good enough for all. This platform decides to test the dark mode in a limited testing group, which is believed to be chosen randomly. If you are not part of the group, there is an alternative to enjoy the dark mode in a different way.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

Let’s talk if you are among the lucky users who have the privilege to test Facebook’s dark mode. In this condition, you don’t need to do many things to enjoy the stylish layout and design. When you visit Facebook through a desktop browser, you will receive a notification asking you to choose between dark and light designs. Simply select the dark design and your Facebook layout will change instantly.

What if you are not part of the group? Though you cannot officially enable dark mode, there is a way to enjoy the dark interface. The latest version of Google Chrome provides a mode that can force Facebook’s dark mode. It works not only for Facebook but also for websites accessed through Chrome.

The interface from the forced mode may not look the same as its official version but at least it gives you a warmup to welcome the real Facebook dark mode. What to do to enable dark mode on desktop? First of all, make sure your

Google Chrome is on its latest version. If you don’t know which version you are currently on, follow the steps below:

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Click on the main menu in the top right of your screen with the three vertical dots icon.
  • Choose Help, then select About Google Chrome.
  • This may take a few minutes for the browser to download the latest update automatically.

Now that your Chrome is updated, you can enable dark mode on Facebook by changing Google Chrome flags. The instructions below will help you:

  • Begin with opening Google Chrome. In the URL bar, type chrome://flags/ and press enter.Google Chrome's force dark mode
  • You will be directed to the Chrome Flags page. Select dark mode web content. Alternatively, type ‘dark’ in the search bar.
  • Change the settings to Enabled.Change the settings to Enabled
  • Exit the Chrome and relaunch. Now you can see the dark version of Google Chrome.
  • Open your Facebook account. From here, you should be able to see Facebook in a dark interface.

Please note that Google Chrome’s force dark mode is not the exact reflection of Facebook’s official dark mode. It helps you figure out how it could be before enjoying the original version.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android

Currently, Facebook does not offer dark mode for its mobile app. But you can expect that this social network service will provide the dark version for Android in the future. Meanwhile, you can use a hack to enjoy Facebook dark mode on Android.

Much like on desktop, you can force dark mode through Google Chrome. Simply change the flags and you will be able to see Facebook’s dark interface through the browser.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open Chrome browser in your Android.
  • In the address bar, please type chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android
  • Change ‘Android Chrome UI dark mode’ and ‘Android web contents dark mode’ into Enabled.
  • Exit Chrome then relaunch.
  • Open Facebook from the web browser and have fun with the new look.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger already has its dark mode. You can easily activate this feature and enjoy the stylish interface.

Follow the instructions:

  • Open Facebook Messenger.
  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Tap the ‘Dark mode’ switch.
  • Facebook Messenger will change skin.

What do you think? Although the Facebook dark mode is no longer released publicly, you can enable dark mode on Facebook through Google Chrome’s forced mode. It may not give you the same look but it gives you a unique experience while waiting for the original model.