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Download Password Safe Free for Windows – In today’s generation, Password Safe is really necessary for us. When remembering the password to log in your email, Facebook, or Twitter, we usually write it in Notepad or instead use the same one password for all accounts. Even though this kind of practice is very risky. The .txt file is so vulnerable that it is easy to open other people without additional authority. Or if you type a password, then without you know, maybe on your computer, there are already a lot of malicious programs such as keyloggers that will secretly steal your user password by reading input from the keyboard, or spyware that is always watching your browsing activity.

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You can avoid all this. That is using a password storage application that tends to be safer, not troublesome and more practical. Password Safe is an open source software that is made for the convenience of storing and managing passwords safely. The app will also encrypt data that is stored using the best and almost said the safest encryption algorithm today (AES and Twofish). To open this database with the program, one password (master password) and the Key File are needed.

So we just have to remember this one password. Even though your database falls into someone else’s hands, there’s no need to worry because it will be very difficult to open a database without knowing the master password. Even explained that if you try to open (decrypt) a database with all computers in the world, it will take longer than the age of the universe.

Download Password Safe For Windows

This app is also software that is made open source. The app comes with a master password. So you can use this app by typing the master password first. The disadvantage of this app is that you cannot connect to the browser so we have to manually copy the passwords that we store. This app is also an automatic fill form application that can store your data including passwords and data everything you enter. The app has a free and paid version.

Download Password Safe Free for Windows

The difference is that the paid version can store more data, reaching 1000 logins while the free version can only store 10 logins. When you use this app, Password Safe will provide strong security and ease to manage our “collection” of passwords. The app is closed source, a paid application if we want to get all the service functions. But the free edition application is also very adequate for personal needs. The app is designed specifically to make it easier for you when logging in. Some of the main features:

1. Automatically fill in the website login form with one click.

2. Has a feature to make the sticky password a portable version so you can carry it wherever you go and use it on any computer or laptop easily.

3. Sticky pointers help you to determine the website or application that you are aiming to log in easily

Overall, the function and features of Password Safe are great and it can protect your data from cybercrime.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

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