Download Norton Ghost Free for Windows

Download Norton Ghost Latest Version Free for Windows – Norton Ghost is a powerful software to back up your files immediately. This software works by cloning part by part of your hard disk into two for an alternative file. It will copy almost all type of your file on your hard drive, even your hard drive of the operating system.

Download Norton Ghost

Therefore, Murray Haszard creates this cool software to keep the necessary data. If you are a student, teacher, businessperson, and others, you must have important data that you must keep for your matters. However, if you are looking for professional, powerful, and trustworthy software for back up files, then Norton Ghost will be the best choice for you. However, how to download Norton Ghost, and what are the requirements and features of it?

Review about How to Download Norton Ghost and the Feature of It

Norton Ghost System Requirements

1. Windows

Norton Ghost can run on 3 various windows, which are Windows 7 (Starter, Home Premium, Home Basic, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise), Windows Vista (Business, Ultimate, Home Premium, and Home Basic), and Windows XP (Professional and Home).

2. Processor

Norton Ghost is simple software and only requires a small processor demand. This software requires a processor with at least 300MHz clocking frequency. I am sure your pc or laptop has more than that.

3. RAM

This powerful software only requires 512 MB RAM to run it.

4. Disk Space

Norton Ghost needs at least 430 MB of the available hard disk. It is just a small amount of your hard disk but can keep saving your whole drive.

5. Graphics Card

This software requires a super VGA (800X600 pixel) or higher for better performance.

Download Norton Ghost and get features

1. Norton Ghost Supports Virtual Formats

Besides cloning a system operation, Norton Ghost can also support the Vmware ESX 3.5i and the higher version 4.0i. These virtual formats are mostly used for business purposes in the IT industry. With this awesome feature, it should be a must to download Norton Ghost as your cloning file software for your own safety.

2. Norton Ghost Supports Blu-ray Disc

After supporting virtual formats, Norton Ghost also provides a performance to copy and clone a Blu-ray disk. This feature may only be provided by Norton Ghost. However, the compatibility of copying a CD or DVD by Norton Ghost does not require another helper program, this software will copy your recovery points and back up the data as well.

Download Norton Ghost Free for Windows

3. Cold Imaging

Norton Ghost has a new feature called cold imaging. This feature allows you to create a backup image from your drive into a recovery CD. With the routine update, Norton Ghost always provides a new feature for you such as this cold imaging. Unfortunately, this feature is not free and demands you to get a serial number every time you process it.

Download Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost can be downloaded easily on Google with the keywords “download Norton Ghost” in your beloved browser. Follow the installation instruction and start the software after. It is easy to use and the display is very simple.

However, that is the review about how to download Norton Ghost and the features it.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Norton Ghost Latest Version Free for Windows – Download