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Download Mozilla Firefox Free for Windows – Mozilla Firefox has come a long way since 14 years ago. It has been the first choice for almost all the people who seek a browser because of its speed and simplicity. Above all, the last version of Mozilla becomes its masterpiece. All the great features stand out there. Nevertheless, it strengthens Mozilla as the number one browser among others.

Mozilla Firefox Download

Thus, the number of people who download Mozilla Firefox increased significantly. For you who haven’t used yet Mozilla, look into the following for further explication:

Download Mozilla Firefox and get these Features

1. Highest Speed

Based on the data, Mozilla has a powerful speed to assist you to access any site. It is noticed that Mozilla only needs 1.55 seconds to enter the sites and takes 1.09 seconds to load that entire site. Compared to other browsers, Mozilla is the fastest browser to provide internet using any web content today. However, actually, the accurate time depends on your internet provider. Hence, a great browser should also be supported by a credible internet provider.

2. Modest Interface

Besides performance, the appearance of software is also a matter. Those two things seem to maintain each other to give the best service to every user. In this case, Mozilla is designed modestly with a display that is not much different from the competing browser, Google Chrome. Everything is organized and orderly so you will be easy to navigate.

The icon used to take any action is created as simply as possible so every person can read it without thinking. Furthermore, the comfortable can be felt whenever you type any keywords then Mozilla tries to guess it by proposing the popular keywords. Yet, you can also place your favorite sites in the toolbar so they will be capable to be accessed quickly. Otherwise, now you are also allowed to search URL doubles in one tab.

3. Advantageous Built-in

Mozilla Browser is accompanied by several helpful built-in which will perfect your surfing. Firstly, a pop-up blocker. It is absolutely helpful for giving you a broad space while diving on the internet since inconvenient advertisements won’t be there. Then, if you would like to read any PDF files on the internet, it is compatible because this browser has a PDF viewer built-in.

4. Security Feature

In case of a security feature, Firefox will automatically update the security fixes. Thus, it always works to protect you from harmful issues. Additionally, Firefox also permits you to customize the security settings to your own preference.

Nonetheless, there are available parental control features so parents can protect their kids from inappropriate sites. Firefox Browser also lets you check the security level and certificates of particular sites by clicking on the icon in the address bar.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP

5. Private Browsing

If you activate private browsing mode, there are no search history, cookies, keystrokes, or something like that saved. Therefore, no one can track what you are doing in a private browser. It is definitely private!

How to Download Mozilla Firefox

Downloading Mozilla Firefox Browser is an easy thing for everyone. You can download it for your PC or laptop with an operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7 64-bit, and others. And then you can install the offline installer for the old version and also the new version. In conclusion, Mozilla is the great internet browser ever. Thus, downloading this browser is a good idea. It won’t take a long time since the size is only 50Mb.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Mozilla Firefox Free for Windows – Download