Download Macrium Reflect Latest Version for Windows

Download Macrium Reflect Latest Version for Windows – Backup software seems like growing up precisely as more complicated reasons for data loss. Each software consistently offers its own specialties. Additionally, those are usually available in free and paid version.

One of them is a software that already exists over a decade, Macrium Reflect. It is great backup software that can be employed for a personal and commercial issue. Thus, for you who deal with job-related to computing important data, you can try to use Macrium Reflect. The followings are the further explanation about that:

Macrium Reflect Features

Macrium Reflect has its own powerful features that can assist you to back up your files. It is guaranteed that the features are beneficial in every backup aspect:

  • Friendly-used

The first impression that may you think when looking at the interface of Macrium is classic. Yap, Macrium Reflect is designed classically so it looks simple as well as easy to be used. In this case, the appearance of Macrium itself provides scarcer options, cleaner lines, and less clutter. Moreover, Macrium Reflect also assimilates with windows explorer thus you are allowed to create a partition image just by one click. Nonetheless, Macrium’s wizard will bring you to the simple step by step of backing up your files.

  • Schedule of Backup

Like other backup software, Macrium Reflect also allows you to set the right time to back up files. Furthermore, it will run automatically any time you want. Within setting up the backup time, you can also manage the destination drives where you will place your backup files. In addition, the system of Macrium will consider you to optimize the disk space.

  • Create Your Own Backup Folders

The next point is about restoring your files individually. Macrium Reflect has a feature in which you can create virtual drives on Windows Explorer. Henceforth, you are permitted to recover particular files only by copy and paste into specific folders.

  • Recover Your Loss Data

Not only back up your files, but Macrium Reflect can also help you to recover the data that have been lost. Particularly, in case of losing the data in a Windows operating system, you can take them back by dealing with Reflect recovery CD.

  • Data Integrity

Macrium Reflect builds compression feature to help you decrease the use of disk space. In this case, nothing to worry about when you compress your file since Macrium Reflect employs advanced compression techniques so it will be created a reliable and accurate image in your drive.

  • Data Protection Macrium Reflect

The last feature is developed in Macrium Reflect the latest version, specifically Macrium Reflect 7. The feature is protecting your backup files so no one will damage it.

Download Macrium Reflect

You guys can download Macrium Reflect on its developer official website. It is available for the free and professional version. Both of them exactly have their own features. In the case of the professional version, you need to pay around $70. 30 days of the free trial also can be benefitted to try the professional version.

Overall, download Macrium Reflect is a good choice. It is proven by more than 7 million people in the world have been installed this software on their PC.

Detail Software Macrium Reflect

Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Macrium Reflect Latest Version for Windows – Download