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Download Lightworks for Windows and Mac – Lightworks is a professional software video editor with the high quality-editing tool. The awesome tools and features of this software make Lightworks as the best video editor even for a world-class movie. However, the top movie producer Hollywood is using Lightworks as their major software video editor. Lightworks has a tooltip in the first project you are going to create. Besides editing video, Lightworks also focuses on creating a video by photos and text as much as you like.

This software also can import all type of file with low until high quality. Furthermore, it also has a trial version with almost the same quality as the premium one. Unfortunately, the tool is not as complete as the premium version. By all means, how to download Lightworks and what are the cool features of it?

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1. Special Video Routing

The first feature of Lightworks is special video routing. If you want to connect two or more clips, there is a blank space between those clips and it will make the video looks amateur and ugly. However, by using Lightworks video editor, this blank space can be filled with an effect that connects each clip smoothly with the special video routing. This feature should be one of the reasons why you should choose Lightworks as your video editing software. Lightworks provides video routing with the considerable effects to beautify your videos.

2. Simple Drop and Drag Feature

Lightworks has a simple editing technique to edit or create a video. The feature is called drop and drag technique, which help you to manage your chosen clips and edited clips. Therefore, Lightworks uses unique interfaces that divide into 3 panels which are a timeline, edit viewer, and bins. The timeline is a panel for viewing a clip in sequence after the editing process. Every edited clip can be inserted or replaced in this timeline.

Moreover, the edited viewer is a panel to display the current clip you are working on. Edit viewer will make you edit the video easier without checking back the clips with other software. Furthermore, the last panel bins which function as the place for the imported media in the form of video, audio, or image. These panels are put together and very helpful when editing a video of your project.

3. Helpful Keyframes

The third feature of Lightworks is the beautiful keyframes effects. The function of this feature is keyframing the video clip you are working on. It has a unique and specific parameter value to display the effect of the clips. However, this feature can apply a wiggling effect with several various effects at each of the point in time. Keyframes will manage your clips to be established between one with the others. You can add a transition between each clip by using a blank space keyframe to refine your video.

However, that is all the details about how to download Lightworks and the features of it.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

Download Lightworks Latest Version for Windows [32-bit]  – Download

Download Lightworks Latest Version for Windows [64-bit] – Download

Support For Mac OS :

Download Lightworks Latest Version for Mac OS X – Download