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Download Evernote Free for Windows – Do you realize that Evernote can be very useful and helpful to create any type of note? If you have never known about it, now you should stay on this page for five minutes only to find out why Evernote is very much considerable.

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Evernote is an application designed for mobile devices with the big purpose of organizing tasks, making lists, taking notes, and archiving. All of these kinds of not can be actually formed into the formatted text, web pages, photographs, voice memos, and handwritten ink notes. It is also completed by the file attachment.

Another big benefit you can derive from using this app is that the notes you make can be sorted into notebooks, tagged, annotated, exported, searched, given comments, and edited. In this case, the app enables you to experience great features so that you can work smarter.

If you want to find why Evernote is much recommended, you have to check out the following reasons:

Download Evernote for PC Free and get these Features

1. More Uploads

The first feature you have to know from Evernote is more uploads. In other words, this app is able to upload more notes up to 10GB every month.

2. Larger Notes

Featuring larger notes, Evernote provides 200 MB for the maximum note size. Thus, you can keep the high resolution of both photos and presentations.

3. Business Card Scanning

The third feature you must consider is business card scanning. In this case, you are able to scan, capture, and save all of the contact information from LinkedIn. The photo of the card is also scanned automatically by this feature.

4. Presentation Mode

Don’t miss the presentation mode feature, too. It’s because this feature supports you to make a presentation right from your notes with a full-screen layout if you want to collaborate in the meetings.

5. PDF Annotation

The next feature you have to know about this app is PDF Annotation. This feature allows you to change the design due to the unavoidable lengthy email dialogue.

6. Concierge Support

Featuring concierge support, this app offers you have online chat with an Evernote expert to find the solution to the troubleshooting issue. Thus, you will be provided with a priority response.

7. Context and Knowledge Discovery

If you are working on a project and want to find the experts, the feature of context and knowledge discovery by Evernote can help you so.

8. Account Switching

Account switching is very important to optimize dealing with an easy way of switching between your free account and the unlimited premium ones. Get easy switching along with this feature!

Download Evernote Free for Windows

9. Faster Image Recognition

The next feature is faster image recognition. This feature allows you to find what you are searching for faster by scanning the images. Download Evernote proves to do this well.

10. Note History

Lastly, the note history feature can also help you to review the changes you have made. This means you can look back at what you have noted.


Overall, the reasons why you must consider installing Evernote show logic. Due to the best 10 features offered, you don’t have to worry about organizing big notes in any type of formatting.

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Support For Windows:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)

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