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Download Blender Free Latest Version for Windows – Are you a designer? Are you looking for the best application for editing, creating, and manipulating graphic design? Blender application is the exact answer for you. Blender is a free animation designer specializing in 3D objects. You can use this awesome software for simulating, rendering, rigging, compositing, motion tracking, and modeling animation design.

Download Blender Free

However, this application can even be used for video editing and game creation. As a designer, you should give try to use this application. Unlike the other 3D editing software, this software is free to download and use. Furthermore, how to download Blender, and what are the features of this awesome application? Here are the details of the Blender software.

Features of Download Blender Software

1. Stunning Ultra-Realistic Rendering – Blender

Blender application has been known as the best editing 3D animation software with a powerful unbiased path-tracer engine. The screen view of this software is providing a real-time viewport preview.

This editing software also offers PBR shades & HDR lighting support to complete the animation appearance. With these features, Blender must be the first free 3D animation editing software with high performance as the other paid software editing.

2. Advanced Editing Tool with Blender Software

Blender software has the most complete tool to edit your 3D animation design. Edge slide, grid and bridge fill, inset, and many other special tools for animation editing. Furthermore, this application provides a multi-resolution and dynamic subdivision to help you manage your work as simply as possible. This will be your best choice of software editing from now on.

3. Best Camera Tracking in Blender

Blender uses a high technology product to allow you to import raw footage, track footage, and mask areas and providing the display to see the camera view with powerful camera reconstruction. This application has both manual and automatic tracking cameras. You can choose between these two options of tracking camera features as your desire.

Download Blender

Requirements to Download Blender Software

1. Supported Platform

This application can be downloaded by many latest platforms nowadays. You can manually install this application on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux even with the latest version of it.

2. Graphics

This software can only run in a high graphics card driver (Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA). However, for the Blender version, 2.7x requires OpenGL 2.1 or above to run. The driver of the graphics card must be updated with the latest version.

3. Hardware

This awesome editing application requires an 8GB capacity of RAM. It demands 8GB RAM because the process of this software focuses on quality and always produces the best result. Furthermore, Blender needs a 64-bit quad-core CPU to run this application perfectly.

The appearance setting of your pc or laptop must be on a full HD display and must be already installed with OpenGL 3.2 compatible graphics with 2GB RAM minimal. However, it would be nicer if you have a three buttons mouse as your editing equipment.

Detail Software Blender

Support For Windows and Mac OS:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64 bit)
Mac OS X

Download Blender Free for Windows – Download

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