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Download BitTorrent Free for Windows – Know what is Torrent and BitTorrent, how it works, and some important terms that are often used in the app protocol such as Tracker, Seed / Seeder, Peer, and Leecher. For those of you who often download files on the internet, of course, you have heard the word “Torrent” and “BitTorrent”, or maybe you even often use the app to download various files such as Video, Games, or Software on the Internet.

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But do you know what are these and how does it work? In this article, Trace Time will discuss what those terms are and how it works so that you can not only use it but also know what you are doing and what happens when you use the app.

Get to Know BitTorrent

The app is a file transfer protocol (English: File Transfer Protocol or often abbreviated as FTP). Peer-to-peer is used to share large amounts of data and electronic files through the Internet, where each part of the file downloaded by the user is transferred to another user.

In other words, if you download a file via the app protocol, then you actually download the file from various other people’s computers that are also (or have) downloaded the file. And at the same time, your computer is also a source for other people’s computers to download the file.

About BitTorrent

The app s one of the most commonly used protocols for transferring large numbers of files, such as digital video files that contain TV shows, movies, video clips, or digital audio files that contain songs.

In the app file distribution system, File Torrent (often called Torrent only) is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also lists Tracker network locations.

Tracker is a server computer (can consist of one or many server computers) that helps participants/users in the system to find each other and form an efficient distribution group called Swarm. A Torrent File has a .torrent extension, for example, File.torrent.

File Torrent does not contain content that will be distributed, but only contains information about the file to be distributed, such as name, size, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values to verify file integrity.

Download BitTorrent for Windows

How to Work the Files with BitTorrent

What makes the BitTorrent protocol unique is because the protocol for transferring files distributes files that are being shared to all users who have downloaded or are in the process of downloading the file.

Because the app splits and distributes files in hundreds of small pieces, you don’t even need to download the entire file first to share the file. Once you have even just a piece of the file, you can start sharing the pieces of the file with other users.

This is what makes the download process using the app protocol so fast when many people download files simultaneously or the file that is being downloaded has a lot of Seed or Peer. The tracker then tries to detect another computer that is or has finished downloading the file you want to download using BitTorrent.

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